MQR-300 Quick Realese Steering Plate conversion for MCD

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This steering plate is an upgrade for those who already have the regular system and want to convert to QR (Quick Release) without buying the full gameThe new system (Quick Release) lets you remove the complete tray with electronics without removing the steering plate and brake ,so you save time.
Also is 10% lighter than the original system and stronger steering plate design.
if after every race you like remove the complete servo/electronic package, this is the system for you.

ATTN: 1 Set include :1 steering plate, 2 short post, and all hardware needed .

FIT: MCD X-4 Rally vehicles and the RR V-4 With the Enclosed Center Differential (+ or - Feb 2011 or later),Cheetah, Monster, W5 SCT and FT models.



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