MT-150 Multi Tool Wrench for Nuts and Spark Plug

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This multi tool wrench is made from solid aircraft 6061-T6 aluminum.
Work in HPI,LOSI, MCD and any car uses wheel nut 24 and 25 mm. plus any gas motor spark plug.
for 24 mm (HPI/MCD) nut, just align the outside notch with the vertex of the nut.
These parts are polished by hand, one by one after the process of tumblers and after the anodizing, for a brilliant finish. The screw to secure the handle is stainless steel and includes a plastic washer to prevent scratching the finish of the wrench.

The handle is adjustable to the user's preference.

FITS:  any 24 and 25 mm nuts. (LOSI/HPI/MCD cars wheel nuts)
Also works for remove and tight  motor spark plug

NOTE: this Wrench does not work with the stock HPI nuts , you need the HM-150 for this nuts

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