SLB-99 Servo Clamps for LOSI Buggy DBXL

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These servo clamp are made specifically for use on LOSI Desert Buggy DBXL factory Spectrum servos, and other aftermarket similiar in size , as SAVOX, FUTABA, ect.
As can be seen the two guides fit inside the pockets tab of the servo, ensuring a superior fit and alignment, eliminating any movement.

ATTN: 1 Set include 4 servo clamps and 2 4x20 mm bottom socket screw (used by the DBXL)

FIT: LOSI Buggy DBXL spectrum factory servos,LOSI S900S, S900T,SAVOX SV-0336, SV-0325, HPI steering servo SFL 10 - 30MG , FUTABA S3306MG and similar servos
For other servo brand/model , check the chart below  for measure info.


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